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Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard about the Sanfilippo Estate, what exactly is it and how can I get to see it?

The Sanfilippo Estate is a private home located in Barrington Hills, Illinois, featuring the World's finest collection of automatic music instruments. The Sanfilippo Foundation offers charity groups opportunities to experience the Collection for fund raising purposes, offers guided group-tours (40-guest minimum), and holds Foundation sponsored events and concerts. All of the events open to the public are listed and updated regularly on this website, and in our E-Newsletter. Tickets to charity events are obtained through the sponsoring charity, and linked on this website. Group tours and charity opportunities can be arranged by contacting the Foundation Director by email.

What does the Sanfilippo Foundation do?

The Sanfilippo Foundation's mission is to educate the public about automatic music instruments, the theater organ, and other turn-of-the-century antiques, and provide charities a unique fund raising opportunity. In 2015, the Foundation assisted over 2 dozen charities in raising - in total - more than 1.5 million dollars, and conducted over 100 guided, group tours. The Sanfilippo Foundation coordinates all activities held at the private estate.

Why isn't your address listed on your website?

As a private residence, we do not list the address or phone number on our website. We are not open to the general public except through a pre-arranged group tour, charity or Sanfilippo Foundation event. Upon purchasing tickets to any event, the street address is provided.

Why isn't a phone number listed?

The Sanfilippo Foundation prefers initial contact be through email only. Please be specific about your inquiry as it helps us be efficient in responding. Providing your phone number in that initial email is also helpful. We get many inquiries, and answer emails in a prompt manner.

I'm an individual and want to come on a guided tour. How can I do that?

We encourage interested individuals to contact their local libraries, park districts, senior centers, or other organizations willing to put a group (40-minimum) tour together, and tell them about us. The organization's coordinator may contact the Foundation Director by email for tour details. Docent-Guided Group tours are 3 hours and $25 per person, 40-guest minimum, and offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, March - November.

I would like to have my wedding at the Estate. Is that possible?

The private Estate is not offered for weddings, wedding related activities, photography sessions, children's or personal parties. We work only with nonprofit charities, Collection-related Collector groups, and a limited amount of Corporate sponsor events. Assisting charities while exposing guests to the Collection is our main priority.

I have antiques you might be interested in buying. Can I show you?

The main focus of the Sanfilippo Collection is automatic music instruments. While we appreciate offers, if they are outside the scope of the Collection, we won't be interested. Any offers should be sent by email with details and a photograph of the item.

Does the Sanfilippo Foundation make monetary donations?

Our main focus is offering the Estate for charities to use as a vehicle for holding a fund raising event. Our venue typically draws 40 - 80 new supporters to each event because of the fascinating opportunity to view the Collection. At this time we do not make monetary donations to charities, but are happy to tell you our offerings to nonprofits in terms of a fund raising event for your organization.

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